Experiential training

We apply an innovative method for the formation and performance improvement of human resources. We develop educational activity projects for working groups, aimed at developing both individual skills and the inter-company aggregation processes. The aim is to help businesses going through a continuous growth and redefinition process, intervening on communication effectiveness and personnel motivation and implementing team results. To obtain these results we have a network of professionals, psychologists, engineers and expert facilitators belonging to the training and communication sector.

Team building & incentive travels and events

For increasing or awarding the best performances of sales agents, contractors, wholesalers and partners, we offer structured programmes with extensive customisation options. Every single event is studied in detail, from the choice of the locations to the logistics and the inclusion of social programmes and appealing incentivising activities. We provide an online organisational secretarial service with a direct connection to our management that, on the one hand allows guests to enlist directly and express their needs, and on the other side allows our client to have a continuously updated situation and gather precise information about individual participants.

Where we are

Our headquarters is located in Verona, near the Roman Theatre but we are present in most of Northern Italy: Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany.

Our added value

A single point of contact, staff consisting of multilingual coordinators and trainers used to working with national and international groups and a single invoicing process. Our quality guarantee consists in: our trainers’ profiles, effective and efficient communication, reduced organisational timelines and less worries for the company for taking care of the details.

Our Mission

Directing our intervention to the ethical evaluation of the individual, including client, participant, organiser and trainer in a single communication stream. Keeping an ethical cooperation relationship with our clients. Treating every aspect related to incentivising and experiential training, from consultancy in the company to evaluating the results obtained. Helping the client from the outset to focus on the purposes of its investment, in order to be able to assess afterwards the ROI, both economic, financial and human.

Experiential Training and Incentive

The team becomes stronger. The company grows.


Experiential Training

 Born in the 1980s, it established itself thanks to the theoretical model re-elaborated by American educator David A. Kolb. He re-elaborated a learning cycle according to which concrete experience is only effective if followed by a reflection on it. Therefore, our experiential activities, taught by professional executive trainers, always end with reflection moments that allow to consolidate what has been learned and gain concrete suggestions to implement skills and communication processes within the company, laying the foundations for subsequent interventions.

Who can we help

The company positions that interface with us

HR managers

who find that it is necessary to intervene: to solve critical working group issues and communication blocks between departments, to guide the company’s resources in times of change, to implement individual skills and group dynamics and to work on soft skills.

What we do for you

Responsabili Marketing

Who, in the context of strengthening the company’s image, are given the task of organising events such as meetings, kick offs, incentive travel. For them we propose ourselves as a valid support for an all-around, effective and efficient organisation or as consultants for developing the individual parts of the event, offering original and exclusive solutions.

What we do for you


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