Team Building Verona began as a “brand” of Jet Events, an agency founded in 2008 by Claudia Coppola with the original purpose of offering expert advice for organising incentive events, kick offs, meetings aimed at strengthening the company’s public image.
The process of defining the new brand is connected to our deep awareness that companies are tending more and more towards an idea of organisational structure according to lean theories. The application of these in the context of human resources, results in lower hierarchical levels, greater widespread accountability, cross-functional teams, and delegation and development of skills to operational levels. Companies have become aware of the need for a continuous growth and redefinition process and have increased attention to the training of their resources and work teams, in order to implement both individual skills and aggregation processes within the company. This is when Team Building Verona steps in! And it does so with the Experiential Training methodology.


Here following you find  the professionals network in close contact with our customers.
A team of organizers, trainers and technicians, with different specificities.  Their profiles here below. A guarantee of quality.

  • Claudia Coppola
    Claudia Coppola Project Manager

    Setting active experiences and unusual places for organising events and appealing group travel as if they were precious stones, has always been my passion and my profession. Twenty years of experience as a project manager for various realities in Italian tour operating. An innate tendency towards new challenges. My ‘passion’ in the service of companies using new methods. Direct contact and ongoing dialogue with business managers. I am fascinated by the complex dynamics of resource management in medium to large companies and multinationals. Often starting from incentive, we then get to talk about the critical issues of working groups. So this is the challenge: to ensure that an emotional, memorable experience becomes a metaphor … a different feeling, much deeper …

  • Chiara
    Chiara Operative

    During incentive events, I deal with all operational and logistics aspects, from enlisting the participants online, to booking the locations and coordinating all our network of suppliers involved in the event. I update you about our activities through social media and by sending our newsletters. I Work in close contact with the client, giving on-site support during the course of events.

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo Coach

    Graduated in Economics and a Master from the “International Academy of Experiential Education”. He is an expert in experiential education and outdoor training. He founded the IALT  International School of Experiential Education in Trentino and is a member of the International Coaching Association.

  • Nicola
    Nicola Coach

    He is an expert in musical training courses and artistic-creative interventions, he organises experiential training courses on conflict management, active listening and enterprise creativity  through the use of ethnic musical instruments, film and painting techniques.

  • Mauro
    Mauro Sports

    A fighter in life and at work, he has made a business out of his passion. Thanks to him and his faithful partner Roberto, a skilled co-creator of tactical strategies, you will feel like new Rambos, properly equipped to tackle exciting ‘fights’ in the midst of woods.

  • Federico
    Federico Professional actor

    A professional actor and director, he has always studied and perfected the techniques of improvisational theatre through comparison with international environments. Since 2001 he is the coach of various national teams, in 2010 he became the National Organisational Director of the Match project® for improvisational theatre. Today he is a management consultant in public speaking and sales techniques through the use of theatrical activities.

  • Andrea
    Andrea Chef

    Our professional chef has worked for international companies such as Princess Cruises, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Kempinski, Central Hotels and Resorts and Century Hyatt and, together with his wife Lara, a certified AIS sommelier (Italian Sommelier Association), he guides us with great flexibility in our culinary format, ideal metaphor for resource management.

  • Jones
    Jones Sports

    She is a FISO (Italian Orienteering Federation) and FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation) instructor and organises orienteering activities for various schools and associations in Verona. Her vast experience allows us to propose activities in ‘virgin’ territories, specifically requested by our client, also adding variants to basic sports, specifically designed for managing the work groups.

  • Paolo
    Paolo Technical expert

    Eclectic and solar, specialized in digital solutions and passionate in gamification, he follows the back office and coordination of digital activities, such as IPad Experience and IPad Quiz.

  • Mimmo
    Mimmo Sports

    Mimmo Palmieri, FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) federal instructor, embodies the figure of the ‘old sailor’ and the modern coach. His mission is to convey the meaning of ‘Sailing ethics’. The sailboat as a means of growth and knowledge, navigation respecting man and the environment as a journey towards self-empowerment, leadership and teamwork.


Companies and groups we work for come from very different fields.
The common ground is the way they consider business and human resources in line with our mission.

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