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We, Team Building Verona, are always looking for innovations and this Christmas we’re thrilled to present our new technologic format: Digi-Quiz!

Digi-Quiz runs by iPad and you can play while you comfortably sit in a restaurant. You will be divided into different teams and you will play against your colleagues in a quiz game made by questions and smart experiential games. The result is unpredictable until the end, because things changes and time is a real enemy! Quiz topics are really various: from culture to history, from geography to art and they’re not only questions but also visual and/or musical tasks. But brain training is not enough! Corporate retention is much more important. For that reason we can customize the questions with topics from your work, both corporate and products. Our creativity is at your service!

Quiz-Game is higly suggested for Christmas corporate dinner. If you have already your location, we can bring the game to you. In case you’re still thinking about it, discover our “digital locations”, such as

  • a modern panoramic restaurant-lounge on Verona hills, with entertainement, dj set and dancefloor, with a rich menu with starters, appetizers, delicious desserts and cocktails:
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  • an elegant huge loft, melting point between corporate and culture, adaptable to your needs like catering, live music or other kind of entertainement, with 500 seat places:
dsc_4588 dsc_5009





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