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We have a holistic view of the individual, we consider it in its professional, psychological and emotional sphere. And it is this emotional factor that makes incentive a valuable tool for below- the- line business marketing: departure from business conventions and the positive emotions aroused by experience incentive, influence constructively the individual who acquires greater sense of belonging to the company’s reality and is stimulated to increase its own results.

Motivate employees on the one hand and retain customers on the other.

Arousing a high level of emotional involvement is not easy, attention to detail, to the individual team-building activities and social programme is decisive, making them all consistent parts of a common communication thread that aims to strengthen the company’s image.


Dinner with Poirot

a cena con poirot

The classic murder mystery dinner turns into a real role play, a live thriller where the guests become the protagonists. It consists of two levels: the first level is team investigation and the second is the guests’ interpretation of the characters of the plot. – Skills: flexibility, problem solving, analysis and synthesis capacities.

The speaking canvases

tele parlanti

An artist’s painting is reinterpreted through the creative action of the participants. Groups are formed and each one is assigned the reproduction of a famous work of art: inspired by the work, the group must first sketch the plot of a story and then improvise it with a theatrical performance. – Skills: creativity, self-esteem, public speaking.

Lights, camera, action!


Creating a scenario, writing the scenes, splitting the roles, adjusting the lights … this is what is waiting for you! Each participant must hold a job within the project (actor, director, set designer) and play its part for the enterprise’s success. – Skills: initiative, pragmatism, team work, collaboration, listening.

Improvisational theatre


Our actor-formats guide your team through a series of theatre exercises that will transform them in the actors of an improvisational theatre match created by themselves. A referee calls the teams to compete in pairs on stage, drawing lots for style and theme of the performance. – Skills: flexibility, management of the unexpected, listening.

Theatre Forum


Participants are invited to create a play from a business situation, and then to stage it. The audience (made up by the other teams) is invited to express their opinion on the acting giving suggestions about behaviour and relational situations. The audience is then asked to go and replace some of the characters, performing the suggested solution. In forum theatre “the actor should not pretend to be, but to act as if it were” (Stanislavsky) – Skills: conflict management.


Active painting

Active painting

A creative activity on large canvases stretched on the ground during which they can release their creative energy and join the group for realising a common project. Brushes, sponges, rollers, spray paints and …. their bodies as instruments. – Skills: Creativity development, aggregation, sense of belonging, team work.

Art & Craft


The extrapolation process of a marble figure starts from a poor and indistinct base: clay. Starting from this moist, supple and primitive material, we get to discover the most intimate emotions, through a long process for defining the final objective: a sculpture. – Skills: creativity and flexibility to change, overcoming limitations and perseverance.

Melody Circle

cerchio melodico

It is an exciting rhythmic event in which the company group becomes familiar with drums and percussion and is meant to re-elaborate team “harmony”. It promotes the formation of group consciousness where one can experience individual potential and cohesion. – Skill: Team work, listening, communication.

Safety Raft

safe raft

An activity with a strong team work connotation: it consists of the construction of a “safety raft”, a process through which the group assigns roles and strategies independently. The metaphor of the raft is that of the company, of the means that the company offers its human resources to leave, to put to sea, away from the comfort zone.

Lego Project


Practical individual and group activity that takes full advantage of the ‘think with your hands’ potentials through shapes and colours. The possibility to create together a construction of the inside and outside of the company building. Being able to walk around it, look at it from above and below, helps to better understand the complexity of the reality in which individuals act and relate. This facilitates research and development of effective solutions for the Company’s needs. It is an excellent tool for shared introduction of new procedures, in a perspective of problem solving and change management.

Trust your Car

An engaging creative activity in which the team ‘s goal is  construction of a man-sized company car using only paper and cardboard. Project managers, product managers, marketing staff and workers will be put to the test in their ability to collaborate to get to the assembly the parts of the car until the final product launch . A project activity in which  resources sharing, strategic management, creativity are basic elements for its success.

Treasure Hunt

IPad Experience


It’s a HI Tech activity, a treasure hunt in the most unusual parts of Verona and Venice. No more pens, road books and maps!  The teams use the full potential of tablets in order to proceed to the discovery of places of historic and artistic interest of the hidden parts of the cities. Multiple-choice questions, making movies and creative Selfies, interactions with the back office in real time and unexpected tests communicated via chat, add a competitive touch to this dynamic activity.

Geo Caching


Equipped only with a GPS device and a strong desire for adventure, we start looking for caches scattered throughout the chosen area. There are many strategies, it’s up to you to identify them. – Skills: Effective communication, team work.

Safari & the city

Abbracci rosso

It is a sort of interactive treasure hunt based on psycho-geography: the individual is no longer a passive subject in the knowledge of the places of the city, but becomes an active subject that “experiences” the city in relation to its perceptions. Educational aims: Team work, initiative, motivation, overcoming limitations and negotiation.



ipad-in-restaurantDigi-Quiz runs by iPad and you can play while you comfortably sit in a restaurant. You will be divided into different teams and you will play against your colleagues in a quiz game made by questions and smart experiential games. Topics are really various and not only questions but also visual and/or musical tasks.





High Ropes


Guests are harnessed and trained to deal with the physical and psychological difficulties of a path suspended between trees, in a wooded setting. An activity that requires concentration and psychological support from the team. – Skills: self-confidence, emotional stability and ability to withstand stress.

Kart start


A charged-up one hour race on a track about 1000 m. long, a few kilometres from Lake Garda. We offer assistance and refereeing services, a race director and full rental of all necessary equipment. Creative option: the construction of the karts by the participants themselves. – Skills:  motivation and overcoming limitations, self-confidence.

In the dragon's belly

nella pancia del dragone

The activity takes place on narrow, Eastern tradition rowboats. Not much space and a good need of coordination. An exciting way to motivate and integrate staff from the different areas of a company. – Skills: motivation and overcoming limitations, cooperation (team work) and perseverance.

Team orienteering

team orienteering

It consists in following a mapped territory using topographic maps and a compass, choosing the best way to reach the finish line. The groups will venture between still untouched vineyards and wooded areas relying on their orientation ability. – Skills: self-confidence, collaboration, problem solving

On the wave


A city rafting along the river Adige, surrounded by historical monuments and enveloped in a unique evocative atmosphere. We arrange an exciting   5 miles  relay competition. Leadership, team work, stress endurance are the competences which are put to the test.

Making a target of oneself


Posture, relax, energy. Through this technique, participants will become aware of how achieving a target is the result of a difficult balance between physical strength and mental control. A lesson that can be applied very well to the company’s strategic activities. “The archer has one thing in common with the wise man: when he misses the target he seeks the causes in himself” (Confucius). – Skills: analysis, decision-making, care, self-confidence.

Bubble Football


Bubble Football is an alternative and engaging way to play football, with the players trapped into huge PVC balloons. This acitivty can be played everywhere, both indoor and outdoor, into gyms or open spaces. Your sense of team will be motivated and made stronger!


Top Regatta


Boats, in addition to being wonderful and exciting pieces of sport equipment, are formidable training tools. Our Experiential Training exercises with the trapeze harness, coordination at the winches and at the helm, lead to emotional involvement, developing flexibility, decision making, leadership and readiness when facing changes.

Soft Air

soft air

An activity based on the simulation of military tactics through the use of replica weapons and lead shot. It can be compared to a role-playing game, where achieving results leads to close collaboration between the various members of the team. Its most popular variations: Laser tag and paintball. – Skills: cooperation, communication, strong competition between teams.

Score a try

raggiungi la meta

Rugby, a sport where spirit of sacrifice and cooperation are essential. Its principles (motivation, support, teamwork, leadership, reaching results) and the organisational model on which it is based can be applied effectively to the business world. Scoring a try (the company’s target ) consists in tackling (overcoming opponents) through the analysis of the game (the rest of the market) and the choice of the best strategy.

Rafting & Rescue

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

Many hands make light work! This is Rafting & Rescue’s motto. After an exciting rafting descent, you switch to an unusual rescue drill with high metaphorical and formative value. Participants must cross the river and face the current using a ‘group technique’ that has its roots in river rescuing. The participants will be able to achieve their goal only if they all support each other, listening and walking in unison. A charged-up format to develop Team Work, Decision Thinking, listening and effective communication.

Ski Safari

Skiing is a sport adventure putting technical skills strictly related to its environment to the test. A ski slope is never the same: it changes at every time of the day, in relation to snow conditions and weather forecast. For this reason, skiing is for us a good metaphor to improve soft skills such as flexibility, risk management, stress, decision making, emotional intelligence, lateral thinking. These are all very important skills for those who have management functions in the company. Skiing, nature and reflection around the fire place the distinctive elements of this memorable experience.

Food and Wine

Digital Cooking


Our Digital Cooking is a dinamic cooking challenge where participants are supposed to prepare tasty dishes and a digital tool which can serve a chef in an innovative way. How? Using the smart glasses, augmented reality glasses designed by Google.


Team cooking

team cooking

It is a non-cooking lesson, with ingredients, but no recipe: field experience on the management of resources, with limitations and needs. Each team’s participants have to split roles, understanding the best way to use the ingredients and cooperating with the others to create a team dish. A certainly revealing culinary experience. – Skills: cooperation, resource management.

Team wine experience

At arrival an online quiz about taste …and voilà here are the teams: 4 different flavors and 12 ‘gustatory characters’. For each team a sommelier and an entertainer… First wine taste: an introduction to the taste differences between the different charachters, with a short teaching session linked to the quiz; second wine: ad hoc questions and development of unexpected cultural associations; third and fourth wine: here clues will be given to each team to formulate a story that will bind the wine to the company. A story telling that will turn into a final unforgettable entertainment.

Eco-friendly and social


This activity has been inspired by the works of the italian designer and artist Bruno Munari. Participants task is to build a mini city using recycled tools and materials. The city has to respect social living standards and requirements. Suitable for the development of the following skills: resources management, strategic thinking and project management.  2hrs.

Toys Zero Impact

Participants are asked to create toys, musical instruments and pieces of furniture, using recycled materials only. At the end, creations will be put to the show and then given to ONLUS foundations and orphanages. Creativity and innovation are put to the test. From 2 to 3 hrs. 

Social welfare TB

Trainees are asked to help ONLUS foundations who administrate residential homes and shelters for people. Participants will help this buildings in renovations works.  3 hrs 

Environmentally friendly and social TB

Thanks to our partnership with naturalistic operators and environment-friendly foundations, we create this activity in order to maintain and retrain environment and nature. Trainees are asked to do botanical works and take care of the needs of animals species in a protected area.  3 hrs 


Some pictures from our Incentive events.

On the page dedicated to the case history, we have included some of the projects that we have looked after over the past years.

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