Training activities

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About the project:

Experiential activities between effective communication and cooperation.

Reckitt Benckiser, ,multinational corporate which produces detergents and household products.

Spinea, Venice.

Small activities to improve the communication between the product division and technical support, and encourage the team work among area managers.

8 managers coming from different areas outside the UE. A recently build group.

Training activites focused on communication between departments and teamwork.


Your demand
To improve the communication beetween the Product Development Division and Technical Support, and encourage the cooperation between the interaction among the area managers of Brazil, Soth Africa, Australia and India.
Our offer
Activities focused on listening, effective communication and project management with Lego tools.
Our challenge
Topics: what's the meaning of cooperation? How did we do it? How much we consider our partner while working? Do we forget about him?

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