Experiential training: team games to improve team work

About the project:

Experiential games and activities.


San Giovanni al Monte, Riva del Garda.

Experiential and motivational acitivities to give importante to cohesion and team work.

32 employees coming from different corporate divisions.

Marshmallows Tower, Hanging Golf, motivational speech and team orienteering.


Your demand
The corporate need was to improve the communication and fight against competition among the three different divisions: CED, back-up e recovery system.
Our offer
Several games and activities focused on team work and communication, for two days.
Our challenge
We manage two days experiential training in San Giovanni al Monte. The focus was on team work and communication between employees. The Marshmallows Tower and the Hanging Golf are team games where participants can play together, using a loto of personal skills such as team work, problem solving, time and resources management. Team orienteering was very useful too, in order to develop relationships and sense of beloging. At the end, player and trainers discussed about values and skills reached during the games.

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