Incentive: Team Orienteering

About the project:

Team meeting and orienteering

Hyundai Motor Company – IT

Riva del Garda

Time and stress management, leadership, problem solving

80 people, employees of the italian subsidiary and korean management.

Exploration and scouting


Your demand
Need to fill the relational gap between the newly formed Italian branch and the South Korean management. The informal interaction of participants through the experiential activity had to reduce the difficult communication caused by different cultural background.
Our offer
One day orienteering and scouting activity in the woods in a spectacular plateau at 1800 meters in height and only thirty minutes from Riva del Garda.
Our challenge
'Team Orienteering' is an activity tesings skills such as time and stress management, leadership, problem solving. For the activity we used exploring instruments such as maps, compasses and 4 assistance expert staff.

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